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Phase 2 – Toward Community Ownership of the Paradise Theatre

Capital campaign featuring take a seat

Phase 1 of the Paradise Theatre’s Capital Campaign was a great success. Funding from the Kickstarter campaign in 2014 was used to purchase the Barco Digital projector and other required equipment. Remaining funds paid for much needed renovations in the projection booth, theater hall and lobby.

Now we are embarking on Phase 2: “Take a Seat at the Paradise”, which offers you an opportunity to invest in your community theater.

The Friends of the Paradise Theatre envisions a community-run, community-owned cultural hub presenting a diverse array of premiere art and entertainment in the form of film, theatrical performances, music concerts and special community events. Community ownership of historic Paradise Theatre building will provide a top-rate venue of these treasured benefits and cultural events, today and for generations to come.

The Paradise Theatre is your community theater, and the Friends of the Paradise Theatre exists to serve you, your family and your neighbors – to provide smiles, laughs, tears and thoughtful conversations. Because of that, we are coming to you to ask for your participation in an exciting campaign that will ensure that the Paradise stays alive and well.

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You may choose to make a one-time contribution or enroll in a monthly giving plan that spreads your donation out into manageable pieces.

Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources and long-term solutions at the theater.

Your 2-year commitment to monthly gifts to the “Take a Seat at the Paradise” campaign awards you:

  • a permanent commemorative plaque on a seat of your choosing,
  • a 6″x6″ wooden lobby title etched with a design/text of your choosing,
  • on-screen and web site honorable mentions of your support,
  • and the gratitude of the theater-goers, artists and performers for generations to come.

Honor Our Community-Owned Historic Theatre
By Preserving It For Generations To Come.

Balcony $15/Month ($180/Yr)
Bar Stools $50/Month ($600/Yr)
Orchestra $35/Month ($420/Yr)
Front Rows $120/Month ($1440/Yr)

Since 1928, Paonia’s Paradise Theatre Has Been There For You,
Now’s Your Chance To Be There For It.

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If you are interested in Phase 2 and want to contact a Friends of the Paradise Theatre Board Member to discuss your donation options, fill out this form!

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